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Serving local residents of Illinois since 2008.  Locally owned and operated in Lake Villa; we specialize in a wide variety of asphalt, seal coating and overall driveway repair and design.  Our experienced staff are fully trained in the newest procedures and products to insure a quality professional installation that not only looks great, but will last!

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Since our founding in 2008, we’ve offered a wide range of services to handle our customers’ needs. From the beginning project management to job oversight, we can meet your requirements, at competitive rates on the market.

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Asphalt Paving

You’ll recognize several benefits with Hot Mix Asphalt in a residential or commercial setting.

 •It is Strong and Durable

 •It is engineered to withstand freezing and thawing

 •Hot mix asphalt is the most cost-effective option you can choose, just as it has been for countless businesses and home owners the world over. Hot mix asphalt can last many years with only minimal maintenance.

•Asphalt pavement is America’s most recycled product. Every year, 90 million tons of asphalt pavement is reclaimed and more than 80% of that total is reused or recycled.

•Warm Mix Asphalt reduces fuel-consumption, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and enhances quality of pavement.

 •Asphalt is safe. The smooth surface of asphalt provides maximum tire contact, increasing skid resistance. The dark color of Asphalt reduces glare and helps melt snow and ice.


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